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Do you ever wonder if it's better to do a mask or a scrub? These two facial cares are actually complementary and essential in your beauty routine.


Is it important to exfoliate your skin ?

Exfoliating your skin is an essential beauty gesture. It helps to unclog and tighten pores, eliminate dead skin cells and impurities. The use of an exfoliator therefore helps to refine the skin's texture and restore its radiance. 

Our Face Scrub purifies the skin without damaging it for a healthy glow.


How to exfoliate your skin ?

      1. Before exfoliating your face, it is important to first cleanse your skin with a gentle face wash that does not irritate the skin.

     2. Once your face has been cleansed, you just have to apply your scrub on your previously humidified face, using circular movements, avoiding the eye area.

The circular movements stimulate blood circulation and allow a better absorption of the active ingredients present in your skin care product.

    3. Finish by rinsing of the scrub with luckewarm water.


How often should you exfoliate your skin ? 

It is recommended to use a facial scrub once or twice a week depending on your skin type.

We advise you to use scrubs containing very fine exfoliating particles, such as rice powder, to purify the skin, without irritation the most sensitive ones. 


Morning or evening : when is it the best to exfoliate ? 

Night is the time when the skin is least exposed to external aggressions. 

The evening is therefore the best time to exfoliate your skin.


Why use face masks ?

If face masks can have different properties: moisturizing, purifying, anti-aging, regenerating ...  they all act in depth.

It is therefore important to opt for "clean" formulas, composed of powerful natural active ingredients, in order to provide the skin with the nutrients it needs.

Our natural and organic, ultra-creamy, purple clay mask, The Beauty Mud, purifies the skin while unifying the skin tone. Enriched with hazelnut oil and rose water, it leaves the skin soft and soothed.


Should you exfoliate your skin before applying a face mask? 


Exfoliating your skin before applying a face mask opens the pores and improves the penetration of the active ingredients in the mask. 

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to use a scrub before applying your mask to maximize its efficiency.


How to apply your face mask ?


For maximum efficiency, we recommend to apply a thin layer of your mask by hand or with a clean flat brush,  to your freshly cleansed and exfoliated face and neck.

The application time depends on the mask used. Please respect the application time indicated on the back of the product and rinse off your face with luckewarm water. 

It is important to dry your face with a clean towel by tapping your face to limit the proliferation of germs and therefore the spreading of impurities.

This would indeed be extremely counter-productive after the use of skin care products designed to improve the health of your skin. 

How often should I apply a face mask ?


It is recommended to apply your mask once or twice a week depending on your skin type. 


The "multi-masking" technique

Multi-masking is a technique that consists of using different masks on different areas of the face, according to the needs of the skin. This allows a personalized routine with a targeted action. Example: It is possible to apply a purifying mask on the T-zone and a moisturizing and soothing mask on the cheeks.

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