L'Emulsion Visage Supernature in ELLE

L'Emulsion Visage Supernature in ELLE

Published : 07/15/2019 15:58:30
Categories : Press

« Today, aloe vera is found in all cosmetics, from face care products to shampoos and toothpastes, but it isn’t so easy to use says Daan Sins, co-founder of Huygens. When we cut the leaf and apply the jelly onto our skin, the effect is sticky and paradoxically a little dry. In many products, the concentration is quite low. Aloe vera must be mixed in with oils to obtain a nice, comfortable texture. "

"Balancing moisturizer with 50% aloe vera. Healthy glow and blemish The Face Emulsion Supernature, Huygens, 50ml, 28 € »

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