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For over 5 years HUYGENS, the organic beauty apothecary from Le Marais, has regularly been present in BIRCHBOX, the box of beauty experts in France., Spain and the UK. BIRCHBOX and HUYGENS have already enabled numerous subscribers to discover the following products: Huygens Verbena Body Lotion, Face Scrub, Essential Oil Shampoos, Huygens Verbena Body Scrub, Supernature Face Cream and Infusion Blanche Face Wash. In the  skincare category of 3 products of the top 10 are currently from HUYGENS : Face Scrub, Face Cream Supernature and Infusion Blanche Face Wash !


Have you ever heard of the concept of co-development? Brands questioning their community, their fans when developping new products? You may know GLOSSIER, the cosmetics brand launched by Emiliy WEISS, former trainee at TEEN VOGUE. This phenomenal success is based on the co-development between the founder, creator of the blog INTO THE GLOSS and her community.


In 2014, at the time of GLOSSIER's launch, HUYGENS questions for the first time the BIRCHBOX community on new cosmetics, products that are still in the development phase, including a brand new face cream. The feedback is incredible, more than 30,000 subscribers share their opinions. HUYGENS research and development adapt the product and create "Supernature Face Cream - Glow & Anti-Imperfections". Since the day of its launch it has become the brands #1 bestseller!


The many answers to the questionnaire allowed the HUYGENS team to fully understand the expectations of the community for a skin care adapted to their skin type: hydration, moisturizing, imperfections, natural glow and a matte finish. At launch, a travel size has been sent to over 100,000 subscribers and since then, the product is one of the most popular face creams on the web!

 La Boue de Beauté

In 2017, HUYGENS and BIRCHBOX agree to re-do the same exercise and push it to another level: the community is questioned by questionnaire and is followed by a focus-group, during which the BIRCHBOX subscribers were asked to test formulas. The goal behind this focus group? Make the new HUYGENS mask the perfect one! In March 2018 a group of 20 young women was invited by BIRCHBOX and HUYGENS to become "Marketing Directors" the time of an after-work. The effectiveness, the texture, the smell, the packaging, the size, all the details of this clay mask were shaped by the opinion of these ultra-demanding skincare experts.


This exceptional panel has tested over 10 formulas, ingredients, textures, scents and colors, to create an ultra-creamy formula with purifying clay, which unifies the complexion and leaves the skin feeling as soft as a baby's skin: "The Beauty Mud – Brightening & Purifying Mask with Purple Clay". The soft and creamy texture is suitable for all skin types. This purifying mask smells like fresh verbena and recharges the skin with water. Its vegan, gluten-free and cruelty free formula, contains 99% natural ingredients and 15% ingredients from organic farming. It is composed of:

  • Purple Kaolin Clay & Talc - to purify and unify the complexion.
  • Organic Hazelnut Oil - to nourish and bring suppleness and elasticity to the skin.
  • Organic Glycerin - to moisturize the skin.
  • Organic Rose Water - to bring radiance to the skin.


Like all HUYGENS products, The Beauty Mud is natural, organic and Made in France. This mask is paraben free, without endocrine disruptors, without mineral oil, without silicones, without phthalates, without phenoxyethanol, without nanoparticles, without pegs, without toxins and without artificial colors.


The 50ml Beauty Mud will be available at a retail price of 22€ from January 2019 in HUYGENS stores, on and on

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